Pentecost Sunday MU Devotion


Today is the Church’s birthday. The day when the followers of Jesus received the Holy Spirit. The day this group of disparate individuals became united. United as one, when the power from on high came among them with the rushing sound of a violent wind and the presence of divided tongues of fire, resting on each member. The day when their mission and ministry to people from all nations began.

Initially, this group remained together building up each other’s strength, sharing their message with those in the local vicinity. But over time, they began to spread out, to take their message further and further afield. It was not easy. They were persecuted, expelled from place after place, imprisoned and tortured. Many of them never found a place in this world they could call home. This, however, did not stop them being a single church. They were still united as one family of believers, no matter where they found themselves or in what circumstances.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit the Church grew and grew, spreading across the world. Eventually, their hard work and faith empowered by the Spirit, brought them the freedom and wealth to build churches. Physical buildings in which people could meet and worship together as local church families. Still, beautiful and prayer filled as our building are, the essence of the Church born on that first Pentecost Day, was a group of individuals bound together by the gift and power of the Holy Spirt.  Whether they saw each other regularly or never again, they were still one Church.

Now just as then, the Church is not it’s buildings it is the family of believers who are empowered and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Wherever we are and whoever we are with, we can call upon the Holy Spirit to help us hold onto our faith. We can allow the Spirit within us to express our deepest desires and fears, bringing us peace as we realise that we are never alone. Jesus promised that we would not be left comfortless. A promise that was kept on the First Pentecost and continues in the Holy Spirit’s presence with each of us today. A powerful presence in our lives which fills our homes with peace and fills our hearts with love.


Come, Holy Spirit, fill my home with peace.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill my heart with love.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill my life with your power.


May you know the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit with you this Pentecost day and always.

Revd. Sandra