As part of our commitment to safeguarding, Llandaff Diocese Mothers’ Union is responsible for implementing both the Mothers’ Union and the Church in Wales Safeguarding policies, as we reside in Wales.

The policies may be found on the links provided below:
Provincial Safeguarding Policy, Guidance and Forms – The Church in Wales

Mothers’ Union is committed to the protection of all children and adults, by ensuring that the promotion of safety and well being is key whilst participating in our activities. Safeguarding is also about looking out for ourselves and for other members in Mothers’ Union.

For all new or changed activities where Mothers’ Union has sole responsibility, a Mothers’ Union Risk Assessment is required. The Risk Assessment form can be downloaded here.

Jean Starr, a member of the Trustee Board, is appointed to have an overview of safeguarding and is available for advice and guidance at