Our Diocesan President is the lead person in the Province of Wales to develop Domestic Abuse awareness and has been working with the Church in Wales Safeguarding Team to develop Domestic Abuse Guidance that sits within the Church in Wales Safeguarding Policy, Restored, a Christian charity involved in raising awareness of Domestic Abuse and Welsh Women’s Aid.

The Behind Closed Doors Exhibition has been designed to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse in response to members and individuals’ reluctance to acknowledge that the problem exists at all and definitely not in their branch/church. Mothers’ Union is committed to creating positive change to prevent domestic abuse and support survivors, through the ‘16 Days of Activism’ and ‘#No more 1 in 3’ campaigns. Llandaff Diocese MU has developed this exhibition to raise awareness of the different types of Domestic Abuse by means of 16 case studies, mainly provided by Restored but some from Mothers’ Union. Each case study has a reflection and a prayer written by Revd. Sandra Birdsall. These have been recorded to video and will be accessed by QR codes on the  exhibition materials. The exhibition has 16 acrylic doors, 16 life-sized silhouettes and a pop-up banner with the Live Fear Free contact details.

A pop-up banner illustrating a large yellow door with the Live Fear Free contact details – telephone, email etc  so that if the exhibition triggers awareness of abuse and individuals need to seek help, they can do so. We are not experts; we can raise awareness and signpost the professionals that can support the victims of abuse.

We have worked in partnership to develop this exhibition and it continues to be developed. The exhibition is mobile and can be taken around churches, MU branches and in the community to raise awareness.