A wonderful celebration service was held in Llandaff Cathedral on Thursday afternoon the 7th of September. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day and the Cathedral looked resplendent in the sunshine but it was the warmth and fellowship experienced inside our mother church that we will remember for years to come.

The theme of the Thanksgiving Service was Seasons of Change, as we looked back on the 130 years and look to the evolving future. Our first hymn was ‘God is working his purpose out as year to succeeds to year’ and we truly felt that He had and still has a purpose for us as members of Mothers’ Union here in the Llandaff Diocese.

We were expecting around 300 members to attend the Thanksgiving service with around 80 banners being processed. In reality, the Cathedral was at capacity with 460 in the congregation and some 90 branch, past and present, and deanery banners processed to the main altar and displayed. What a sight to behold!

An email received after the event captured the emotions we experienced at the sight of those banners:

St Davids Mothers Union would like to thank …….. the trustees for all your hard work yesterday. It was a wonderful service; Sheran Harper was inspirational. Walking down the aisle carrying our banner was a proud and emotional moment. Kath Owen and I said our grandmother’s, her mother, my Aunty Pru, all long-term MU members and our much loved leader Bet Minton would have been so proud and were certainly smiling down on us. The cathedral was a beautiful setting. The warmth and fellowship between members was wonderful. Joan Sheldon

Our Past Presidents Beryl Rhydderch and Margaret Jones read the lessons and it was wonderful to have Tyann Leonard, Raye Saunders and Lynne Davies present. Past Diocesan secretaries Jayne Young and Margaret Rowlands and Beryl Baldwin past Diocesan Treasurer were also present. These ladies have contributed to the success of Llandaff MU over the past years with their dedicated service and we were able to thank them.

The hymn singing in Welsh and English was rousing and it was so beautiful to hear members from across the Diocese in full voice, giving thanks to God.

It was the first opportunity Bishop Mary had to meet members of Llandaff Mothers’ Union and her sermon was amazing, encouraging us to continue with our actions and outreach to communities.

We were so delighted that our Worldwide President, Sheran Harper was able to accept our invitation to attend our Thanksgiving Service and provide an address. This was so inspirational and it motivated us to continue with our actions, however small, as collectively they can make a big difference to the life of an individual.

The Bishop’s Leadership team – clergy and Diocesan officers, were invited to become Diocesan members of Mothers’ Union. We hold our new members enrolled by Sheran Harper in our prayers, who are: The Venerable Mike Komor, The Venerable Rod Green, Revd Canon Tim Llewellyn-Jones, Revd Canon Marc Preece, Revd  Dr Ryan Green, Revd  Emma Ackland, Revd Gareth Coombs, Revd  Roger Pitman, Revd  Darren Lynch, Revd Pauline Smith, Revd Emma Street, Revd Rob McDonald, Revd Rosemary Aldis, Mr Christopher Auckland, Ms Mary Mann, Mr James Laing.

Each received their membership certificate and a copy of ‘United in Prayer & Worship’ (both signed by Sheran Harper) a badge and a white envelope containing a Diocesan Membership form and a Direct Debit mandate for subscription.

Sheran Harper presented the Diocese with a beautiful glass plaque to commemorate our 130 years.

Revd Sandra and our President received ‘Praying Hands’ medals for their exceptional work in developing the Domestic Abuse campaign and exhibition #BehindClosed Doors.

I would like to say to you and all your helpers how wonderful the service was yesterday. It was an amazing sight, seeing so many banners. Obviously, the highlight of the day was having Sheran there. The work involved must have been tremendous so to you and all the Trustees many thanks for an afternoon which we will all remember.

A thought that I had; I attended the 100 year celebration in the cathedral & I was blown away by the number of people & banners there. Now 30 years later I was equally blown away by the number of people & banners there. What a fantastic thought Mothers’ Union is still so strong after 30 years.

Well done to you and everyone. God Bless, Ruth Honey.

We were truly blessed in this service and all who attended spoke of the warmth and love of Jesus experienced in the service. We give thanks to Llandaff Cathedral for allowing us to celebrate in our mother church and are grateful that the Cathedral was able to live stream the service which was watched by so many members who were not able to attend. The recording can be found on YouTube at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhBcCIuLebU&t=209s or 2.00pm Llandaff Diocese Mothers’ Union Service – Thursday 7th September 2023 on Llandaff Cathedral’s YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, there were insufficient Orders of Service printed, not enough glasses or cake to cater for such a large congregation but wasn’t that a wonderful position to be in. How we have longed for our churches to be full to capacity and on this occasion our prayers were answered – Mothers’ Union in the Llandaff Diocese is alive and kicking!

The Order of Service can be found on the Faith Development page.