Rhondda Deanery Festival – In Mary Sumner’s Footsteps

A wonderful Rhondda Deanery Festival was held in St. Stephen’s Church, Ystrad, Rhondda on Wednesday evening 2nd May.
The theme of the service was ‘In Mary Sumner’s Footsteps’ and during the service members of the Deanery placed paper footsteps on the chancel floor with all the ways the Deanery supports the work of Mothers’ Union written on them. This proved a very moving and effective way of highlighting how the many initiatives undertaken at Deanery and Diocesan level, remind us of how we are continuing the work of our founder.
The service was led by Rev Peter Gale whose sermon focused on the importance of embracing change and how it effects our relationships with all. It was particularly pertinent at this time of change in our organisation and encouraged us to continue the many good works and further the aims and objectives of Mothers’ Union.
We would like to thank the Rhondda Deanery for the warm welcome, an inspiring service and the lovely refreshments.