Quiet Day on the Feast of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Lady Day)

An inspiring and moving Quiet Day Reflection was produced and delivered by our Mothers’ Union Chaplain, Revd. Sandra Birdsall. Over 100 members were present on this important day for Mothers’ Union. Following the Mothers’ Union theme for 2019, ‘Listening, Observing, Acting – in step with God’, Revd. Sandra related the Annunciation to Mary of listening to the angel and asked us to consider how we listen to God. For the aspect of observing, we were asked to imagine the scan, that many mothers receive these days when they are pregnant and think of the development of the baby Jesus in the womb. The feet that developed to walk on earth, the hands that developed to break bread, the face reflecting God’s love and the heart that was pierced for us. The final aspect was how we react to God’s call and asked us to consider whether we would react in the same way as Mary – so willing, so accepting, so gracious.
Following the reflection, our Mothers’ Union Chaplain, commissioned our Diocesan Officers Lyn Evans, Secretary and Sheila Jones, Treasurer. Revd. Sandra also commissioned the new Trustee Board – Nicky Weber, Jodie Taylor, Liz Jones, Jean Starr, Julie Davies, Raye Saunders, Margaret Jones, Lowrie Washington-Jones and Barbara Treherne to office.
The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Canon Mark Preece, Canon Precentor at Llandaff Cathedral.
We are grateful to the Faith and Policy Unit for arranging this amazing event.