TEDI PERERIN – Knitted Bears

Tedi Pererin

In the last issue of In Touch, there was much emphasis on knitted items such as the teddies for the AFIA caravan, Baptism Bears, blankets for the Homeless and a knitted Bride and Groom for our Wedding Display.

2020 has been designated as the year of Pilgrimage by the Diocese of Llandaff and will commence with a service at Llandaff Cathedral on Sunday 12 January 2020 where artefact and candles will be distributed to each Archdeaconry with the aim of the artefacts being processed through each Deanery and parish/benefice. The artefacts will include a staff, a shell and a knapsack.

Rev Mark Prevett has been appointed as the Coordinator of the Year of Pilgrimage and a member of Mothers’ Union in his Parish of St. David’s Merthyr, Jacqui Nutt Davies has knitted a Pilgrim Bear. Bishop June was so taken with Tedi Pererin, that at the Clergy School in Santiago de Compostela, he accompanied her on her pilgrimage.

A project has been developed whereby every Church in Wales School will receive information on pilgrimage with a Tedi Pererin being presented in an assembly. This will extend to community school to increase engagement with children across the Diocese.

Bishop June has requested the help of Mothers’ Union members to knit as many Tedi Pererin teddies as possible. Deanery Leaders have been provided with copies of the knitting instructions or they can be obtained from the President at sue@mothersunionllandaff.org

Please help us reach this challenge by including this project in your knit and natter, craft and chatter groups.