The Advent Retreat took place over the weekend of Friday 29 November to Sunday 1 December at Llangasty Retreat House. The retreat was expertly organised by our Retreat Organiser, Roy Saunders and the Retreat Leader was the Venerable Mike Komor, Archdeacon of Margam
The Venerable Mike Komor led the retreat so effectively and organised discussion sessions for Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning. Discussions were based on the theme of Waiting and we explored the different types of waiting and how we view ‘having to wait’ in our daily lives. Another session was held on ‘What are we waiting for in Advent?’ and ‘What will the second coming of Christ be like?’ The way the discussions and group feedbacks were organised was very effective as members of the retreat often sat in different places and had the opportunity to speak and listen to different people throughout. Strengthening relationships and making new acquaintances, whilst sharing viewpoints on the topics discussed, often deepened our understanding of what was being discussed.
Saturday afternoon was an opportunity for individuals to relax, read, walk in the beautiful surroundings or spend time in conversation with the Archdeacon.
On Sunday morning, we drew our thoughts together and spent time in quiet reflection.
During the Retreat there were many opportunities for worship with Evening Prayer and Morning Prayer each day, and members were given the opportunity to lead worship and read from scripture.
We were fortunate to celebrate the Eucharist on the Feast Day of St Andrews in the beautiful Llangasty Chapel with the Autumn sun shining through the trees.
Sue Rivers, Diocesan President reflects:
This was my first Advent Retreat at Llangasty and I was truly grateful to be able sit and still myself spiritually, physically and mentally. I was able to gain so much from others, through speaking, sharing time and laughter in fellowship, deepening my understanding of Advent. I know myself and others were so grateful to Roy Saunders for organising this Retreat and to Ven Mike Komor for leading the Retreat so successfully.
I am told that every retreat is different, but all agreed that this Advent Retreat was special in the way it was delivered, the content of the reflections and the opportunity to commune closely with God.
The Advent Retreat is highly recommended, and we are grateful that Roy Saunders continues to organise this on behalf of Mothers’ Union.