Mothering Sunday devotion for members

This Mothering Sunday will be very different for many of us. Not being able to visit our mothers or children. Not being treated to a special lunch. Not being able to visit the grave of our loved ones and not being able to go to our mother churches.

The following prayer is one from Mary Sumner House, which expresses the mixed emotions we can feel on this Mothering Sunday. It seems appropriate as well for this particular Sunday, as its sentiments are in keeping with the current situation, as we ask for peace in our confused and worried hearts.

Lord God,
father and mother of us all,
hear us as we give thanks
for mothers, and for mothering,
on this special day.
We remember before you
with deep gratitude
our own mothers.
We also give thanks
for all in our immediate family
and in our wide circle of friends and relatives,
both women and men,
who shared in our nurturing and growth.
Look with love and mercy,
we pray,
on all the very mixed emotions
that run through us today.
Hallow our memories,
forgive our guilt or shame,
and enable us
to be at peace with our feelings and thoughts.
John Harvey

As Mothers’ Union members, we pray for all who feel trapped or anxious in their homes, for separated families, for the pressure of family life in confined spaces and for those who feel lonely. Lord, we ask that you make your presence known to all who need to feel your love at this time. Amen

Sent to you all with love and prayers,

Revd Sandra Birdsall
MU Chaplain