Third Sunday of Easter – 26th April 2020

Reading – Luke 24. 13-35


Today we hear the story of the two travellers walking the seven-mile road to Emmaus. Walking with confused minds. There is grief and sadness at the death of Jesus. Frustration combined with fear at the curtailing of their future plans. Then there is hope, all be it rather unbelievable. Hope brought to them by the women who reported that the tomb is empty, and Jesus is risen. Despite their emotional turmoil they welcomed the stranger to walk with them. Walking together as they answered his question – What are you discussing?

Jesus, of course, knew exactly what had been going on in their lives but he wanted to hear it from their point of view. Giving them the opportunity to express how they felt personally. They soon found when they talked and listened to this, as yet unrecognised companion, their hearts were opened, burning inside them. Jesus became a guide who helped them understand the scriptures and what they meant for them personally. Then when they had reached their destination, Jesus revealed himself as he took bread, blessed it and broke it. Just as they had experienced before, at that last supper. Which must have felt like a lifetime away but in reality, was but just a few days ago.

The two cornerstones of our church services are the Scriptures and the breaking of bread. It is very frustrating that at the moment, we cannot share these together. However, at home we are still able to listen to or read the scriptures. Just like the disciples walking to Emmaus, we too have Jesus as our teacher. Jesus can set our hearts ablaze as he guides us deeper into our understanding of who he is, what he has done and what he can do for us in our journey of life.  Opening our eyes so that when we eventually come together as congregations, we may instantly recognise him in the breaking of the bread.

Risen Christ, friend, companion, healer:

as I walk the road in front of me

be at my side and never leave.


Sent with all my love and prayers,

Revd. Sandra Birdsall