Mothers’ Union Devotion Wednesday 25th November 2020

It is just a few more days until the end of our Church liturgical year. On Sunday, we begin our annual cycle of readings again with the season of Advent: A journey of waiting, watching and preparing for the coming of our Lord. Maybe this seems a bit repetitive to some, hearing the same readings again and again on a three-year cycle. In reality, however, because the Word of God is a living word, we never hear the readings again in the same way. They speak to us in our current situation, always fresh, always relevant, always something new to discover.

As we face the reality that this will be a season of Advent and Christmas like no other, it is important to embrace the alternative ways we can go on our spiritual journey through this time. We may have to watch an advent carol service rather than be able to attend one. We may have to make and light our own advent candle ring if we cannot attend church each week. Remember the annual Blue Peter one made of two coat hangers and tinsel! One thing we can all do is to follow one of the Advent Bible readings series at home. Lots of these take us on a journey through the prophets ending with John the Baptist and into the life of Mary as she prepares for the birth of her Son.

They are familiar passages we have heard time and time again but this year we are reading through a different lens. Our year has been dark, full of loss and separation, full of yearning for better times. But also full of hope that this nightmare will end, and we can begin to enjoy each other’s company in person. So too, the people of Israel under Roman occupation were praying for better times when the world changing events leading up to the birth of Jesus were taking place.

As you read the Bible over the coming Advent season, in the light of your own personal situation take the time to let the Word of God speak to you. Let this living word guide you on your journey from frustration to hope, from loss to gain, from darkness to light.

In the strength of God the maker we are going on a journey.

In the friendship of Jesus, we are going on a journey.

In the safeguarding of the Holy Spirit, we are going on a journey.

A star is shining.

Angels are busy.

Mary is pregnant.

Joseph is packing.

Advent is coming.

May you all experience a hope filled, prayerful season of Advent

Revd Sandra