Mothers’ Union Devotion Sunday 3rd January 2021

Lord, yesterday’s events are past, and we cannot change them. Give us courage and vision as we step into the future, trusting that you will be our constant guiding light and protect us on our journey. Mothers’ Union Prayer Diary for 3rd January.

Here we are in a New Year. A New Year we pray which will be vastly different from the one we experienced last year. We pray that as the various vaccines are rolled out throughout the world some semblance of normal life will begin to be established. We pray that we will be able to meet in person, able to feel the regular comforting touch of other human beings, able to meet together and sing out our praises to our Lord and Saviour.

We still have a way to go on our journey through this pandemic before that goal is reached. So, this New Year finds us locked down just as we were in March with no certainty of when our freedom to meet and travel will be granted. Be reassured that we are not alone because we are always in the presence of our guiding light.

At this time of year, we are reminded of another journey with an uncertain outcome. A group of travellers were journeying from the East, following a new star in the sky. A star that promised a brighter future for all. Their journey was full of hazards; from the weather, of getting lost, the potential of attack by bandits or simply a fall in the uneven terrain. Despite knowing the risks, they stepped out into the future with courage as they followed their guiding light.

As we continue our journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas, we follow our constant guiding light, born into a dangerous world of disease, deprivation, occupation and violence. Jesus did not have an easy start in life but due to the courage of his earthly parents and the protection from on high he grew into the great teacher and ultimately Saviour of Humanity that we follow today. So, we can be assured of our Lord’s protection as we journey in this New Year towards the resolution of this pandemic.

As we continue our journey, we need to hand over to Jesus our regrets, disappointments and wounds from this past year. Then we step out into the future with courage and trust for ourselves and our communities. Striving for our Mothers’ Union vision of rebuilding hope and confidence in all we meet.

With all my love and prayers for a brighter New Year in 2021

Revd Sandra