Mothers’ Union Devotion Wednesday 10th February 2021

Christ Jesus, your love forges a way through our hesitations and our doubts. And we dare to listen to your voice which says to us: Rejoice! Do not be afraid of the trials of life. I am with you.

Brother Alois. Prior of the Community of Taizé

The past few weeks it has really felt like winter. The temperature has become colder as it often does when we reach February. The wind is blowing. The trees are bare. Our cars need defrosting on mornings when we have to go out. Reaching this time of year however brings signs of hope. The nights are definitely getting shorter. The bulbs are beginning to sprout. There are some buds on the end of the tree branches. The magpies are beginning to build their nests. New life is on its way.

February has also brought hope for many with the massive increase in the number of people who have received their first vaccination. Just as witnessing the first signs of spring does not mean winter or the bad weather is over for the year, we know that the pandemic is not over just yet. We will continue to hear about new cases and more deaths. There will be setbacks, but the signs of hope bring us the reassurance that life is not static. Change is a constant presence in life and change often brings renewal.

The prayer from Brother Alois above reminds us of Jesus presence throughout our lives. His presence in times of trial. His presence when we are full of doubt or hesitant about the future. His presence which always comes to us as love. It is not always easy to feel the love others have for us when we are full of doubts. We put up barriers to ensure we are not disappointed. This prayer calls us to be brave, to overcome our doubts and hesitations and dare to claim the love that Jesus has for us.

To claim that love and allow it to wrap around us like a warm blanket with a hot water bottle. Allowing it to reach into the very depths of our souls so that we truly live as people who know that Jesus is always with us. Enabling us not just to survive the trials of life but to remain upbeat and full of rejoicing at the joy of being alive in a world which is full of the love of Jesus.

May you always experience the joy in your hearts that comes with knowing that Jesus is always with you.

Revd Sandra