Mother’s Union Devotion Sunday 14th March Mothering Sunday

As we celebrate Mothering Sunday, we are reminded that, although it is not quite a calendar year, it is a whole liturgical year since services were stopped as part of the first lockdown. When I wrote to you that Mothering Sunday, it was the first of the twice-weekly devotions that have become such a part of our new normal routines. Looking back, I am so glad that I didn’t write – ‘It is only for one year. You can be together next year.’ Because the truth is that none of us can predict the future and indeed none of us is experiencing this pandemic in exactly the same way.

For some of us with local family members in the same bubble, there may be a chance to meet this Mothering Sunday. Others of us may find this Sunday even worse than last year because it has been such a long time since we saw our families. For some of us this Sunday, there may be the possibility of attending our own mother church. For others of us this may only be possible by following a service online. And for some people, of course, there may be no direct way of accessing local church services.

Just as we experience an infinite variety of family and church situations, so too is our call and relationship with our loving Lord infinitely variable. God, like a perfect mother, sees the individuality in each of us, knowing intimately our particular foibles, abilities and passions. God allows us the freedom to choose our own paths whilst always being there to support and heal us when life knocks us down.

Following this example of unshakeable love, a desire to heal and a will to share we too can adopt the motherly care of our heavenly parent in all our interactions. In the words of a prayer from Mary Sumner House:

Wherever we are, we live in God’s family.

When our families are broken by circumstance and pain,

He reaches out to hold us in His arms, piece by piece

He makes us whole again,

and in His love-filled hands we are transformed.

So Lord, help us to build relationships

in all the corners of our hearts.

To be like you, to love like you,

to heal brokenness and restore wholeness

in families worldwide. Amen

I wish you all a very happy Mothering Sunday in whatever circumstances you find yourselves this coming weekend.


Revd Sandra