Mothers’ Union Devotion Sunday 15th August 2021 the Feast Day of Mary, Mother of our Lord

In the words of the Magnificat, we hear the words of a woman, Mary, who really understood what was and is still needed in our society for the fulfilment of God’s Kingdom to be complete. Her Son, Jesus, has called us and taught us how to behave but we still live in a world full of inequality because we struggle to act as we have been taught. Mary’s words continue to remind us, as individuals and as members of Mothers’ Union, of the role that we need to play in carrying out God’s mission on earth.

He has brought down the powerful from their thrones:

How many guest speakers and preachers have during the lives of our branches reminded us of the correct way to treat our neighbours. Calling us to act with compassion, equality, and practical help. A message that sometimes makes us squirm in our seats. Lessons in humility that are still important to each of us today.

And lifted up the lowly:

Our organisation has stood and continues to stand as a reminder that all are included in the invitation to become members of Christ’s Kingdom. That the love of God is not dependant on gender, race, societal status, academic ability, amassed wealth, or exquisite manners.

He has filled the hungry with good things:

How many people in our local communities and throughout the world have been fed through the work of Mothers’ Union over the past 145 years? Mary Sumner’s genius was in realising that by following in the footsteps of our Lord we learn to be alert to the needs of others.

We may, at times, feel powerless, little, without influence but Mary was just a young unmarried girl when she uttered these words. Words that are repeated daily through the world in the service of Evening Prayer. Her influence has become universal because she said Yes to hers and our loving Lord. Are we bold enough to follow her example?

Blessed be God for the faithfulness of Mary:

   for her courage, her boldness, her initiative;

   for her willingness to journey, to change and to suffer;

   for her wholehearted offering of herself to God and God’s work of liberation.


May we, too, be bold in believing,

   generous in self-offering

   and wholehearted in our participation in God’s work of justice and freedom.

                                                                           (Nicola Slee – The Book of Mary)


With all my love and prayers on this Feast of Mary, the Mother of our Lord.

Revd Sandra