Daily Hopeline now includes MU Midday Prayers

The ‘Daily Hopeline’ was recently launched to connect with those who are in self isolation but do not have access to the internet.

When you dial 0800 804 8044 , Archbishop Justin Welby answers with a short message followed by a choice of options:

Press 1 to listen to hymns we love with a short talks based on the hymns.
Press 2 to listen to a different daily hymn.
Press 3 for Prayers specific for the Covid-19 pandemic.
Press 4 to hear options 5 to 8:
Press 5 to hear a Church of England weekly Service.
Press 6 to join in with traditional Morning and Evening Prayers.
Press 7 to hear the latest Government advice on the Coronavirus pandemic.

Press 8 to hear Mothers’ Union Midday Prayers

Press 0 to hear the first menu.

Please make as many members aware of this free phone service.