Mothers’ Union Devotion 6th December 2020 the Second Sunday of Advent

God of the streets,

of our own street,

of every street;

comforting us in the pain that living brings,

celebrating with us our times of joy and exhilaration,

confronting us in our confusion and in our certainty.

God of the streets,

of our own street,

of every street,

walk with us through this Advent time,

in every street,

in every town. Amen

James Curry ©Wild Goose Publications

Our streets are like barometers on our world.  In times of economic strain, they are full of potholes and house fronts in need of repair. In boom times, there are new cars on the drive and brand-new extensions, new curtains or furniture on view. They are places of abandonment when the weather is wet and windy or places of companionship in the late evening sun. And this year, they have been places of refuge from the loneliness of separation from friends and family.

For some of you, who have lived many years in one place, street life may always have been part of your day to day routine. For others, the street they live on is only seen as a means to get into their own homes. During lockdown when we were unable to travel, many of us shared more conversations with neighbours than ever before. Maybe you finally met the new people who now lived in your old friend’s house. In many streets this newfound sense of community, went way beyond simple friendly greetings as street parties, Thursday night clapping and impromptu live concerts were organised.

This year there has been a real sense of the huge range of emotions held within our streets: the pain of loss and separation, the joy and exhilaration of spending time with other human beings and the confusion of what to believe when we have been presented with such opposing opinions in the media.

One thing is for certain, there is one presence in our streets which holds onto all these conflicting emotions providing us with daily support. God is there comforting us, celebrating with us and indeed confronting us. Helping us journey through the dark and light days that come in each of our lives, into each of our streets. Sometimes we can easily feel that support but at other times God seems more distant. During this time of Advent when the weather means we spend less time outdoors, we have the opportunity to still ourselves and listen for the presence of God in our streets. Holding onto that presence as we journey through this incredibly special period in our Church year. A time of waiting, anticipation and searching for the light that is to come into the world.

May you feel the presence of God in your streets as you continue your Advent journey.

Revd Sandra