MU Devotion Wednesday 9th December

Let us join our voices with the angels to sing of God’s love for his people, and to proclaim his faithfulness. The good news that will cause great joy for all in every generation. ‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.’

Prayer for Wednesday 9th in Families Worldwide.

After a long journey of 283 days since the first Covid-19 case in Wales was identified health workers have begun to be vaccinated against this disease. The current situation is by no means over and it is highly likely that there are more periods of lockdown and restrictions to come. Still, it is good news and who can blame the press if they make a great deal of this news over the coming days. It is truly a good news story which deserves to be proclaimed. Telling of the skill of those scientists who have worked tirelessly to find a vaccine.

We also have a Good News story to proclaim at this time of year. Our Salvation came in the form of a helpless baby lying in a manger in Bethlehem, two thousand years ago. It may have been a long time ago and history is not everyone’s favourite subject, but our annual period of anticipation and retelling of this birth is so important. As we travel along our Advent journey, we are reminded of the huge significance of the birth of our Saviour. Of the change it brought about in the lives of the first witnesses. Of the fulfilment of God’s promise that this birth enacted. Of the response we need to make personally to this Good News. Of the call to each of us to tell the story of the significance of that first Christmas to the next generation.

In Families Worldwide the theme for this week of Advent is Proclamation. We are reminded of the prophets of old such as Isaiah, who predicted the coming of the one who proclaims salvation. Of the heavenly voices of the angels who deliver God’s message of love. We are also reminded that we each have a role to play in proclaiming the Good News. So, we pray this week for the strength to be God’s messengers in our world. For boldness to speak out about our faith in the God who saves. For hearts and voices ready to proclaim anew the coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ – The Prince of Peace.

So, we declare – As the people blessed of God, we will tell of your glory. We will be your messengers proclaiming your love and mercy to a world in need of a Saviour. (Prayer for Tuesday 8th December in Families Worldwide)

Will love and prayers for your continuing journey through Advent.

Revd Sandra