Mothers’ Union Devotion Wednesday 15th December 2021

And blessed is anyone who takes no offence at me. Luke 7. 23

These words from Jesus seem a wonderfully low bar. When we hear the words of John the Baptist, as we did on Sunday, it seems that we cannot possibly live up to the high bar set for followers of Jesus. ‘Whoever has two coats must share with those who have none. Whoever has food must do likewise.’ Jesus, however, is almost saying that blessing comes with merely accepting that what he says is okay. Accepting that he is neither mad nor the devil in disguise. Accepting that he comes with the best of intentions. That he is not cruel, or power crazed.

Such a simple low-level bar makes you wonder why anyone would have a problem with Jesus. And yet they do. They do because people twist his words as they make them uncomfortable. Far easier to blame the one who has no coat for their selfish lifestyle choices, than to give up one of your own. Far easier to put the hunger of the poor down to their own apparent laziness, than for the rich to eat a bit less. Far easier to ridicule the idea that God might choose to come and live among us, than to listen to the message of peace proclaimed by the birth of a helpless baby.

Warm, naive sentiment they cry. Oh, to dream what the world would be like if we not only listened but believed that the coming Christ Child brings a lasting peace to the whole of the world. The whole of creation would be so blessed if everyone took the words of Jesus to heart. Unfortunately, we cannot influence everyone but we can by our own choices influences those around us. Helping them to see that the coming of Jesus is not just a sweet childhood story but the means by which all of us can live in everlasting peace. Helping them to see that believing in the person of Jesus does not commit them to an impossible lifestyle. One so good, that no one can live up to it. Rather, that believing in Jesus is about trust in the words of the one who comes to bring total, complete and unfailing love to us all.

And that is how we are blessed – by believing in Him – the light in the darkness who comes in just 10 more sleeps!

With all my love and prayers this Advent Time.

Revd Sandra