Mothers’ Union Devotion Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Earlier in the year when my granddaughter was born, we had three days of tension waiting for her arrival. My daughter’s waters broke but there was no sign of labour. The hospital could not induce her because there were no beds available on the labour ward. In fact, she was moved between hospitals several times in these three days. As her parents watching from the outside, it was a very tense time as despite all the instant methods of communication, once the induction had begun, we were in the dark until the baby arrived.

Today finds us following those final days of pregnancy for Mary. In these days she was also making a journey. A long and dangerous journey of around ninety miles. Like my daughter’s journey from Prince Charles in Merthyr to the Princess of Wales in Bridgend and then back again. But Mary and Joseph did not have the luxury of a car, they had to walk. Even if they had a donkey, it is unlikely that Mary was able to ride it over such a long distance. During this fraught time Mary showed the instinct of a mother, putting her as yet unborn child first. Finding a safe place to give birth even if it was not her first choice.

This Christmas, like last year, might not be an ideal one. We may still not be able to spend it with the ones we wish we could. It might be the first Christmas without the presence of those who have died since this pandemic began. It might be due to travel restriction or positive Covid tests. As such, in many ways it might still be safer to spend Christmas with just your most immediate household. But we have an example of realised hope.

Mary’s journey to a strange town where there was no room at the inn ended, despite the difficult circumstances, with the most spectacular good news of great joy. So whatever situation we find ourselves in this week we can be certain that because of the determination of Mary we will also receive the glad tidings of the presence of the new-born child.

The Light in the Darkness.

The Word made Flesh.

The Saviour of the World.

With all my love and prayers at the culmination of our Advent waiting.

Revd Sandra