MU Devotion for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Gospel Reading John 14: 1-12


I write this ahead of the promised announcement on Sunday by Boris Johnson about easing the lockdown. There is a noticeable air of anticipation in the media and in conversations with family and parishioners about what might change. Some people are already assuming they can do more outside because it is only a matter of time before we are allowed out. I suspect many of these people will be disappointed about the changes announced. In Wales, we have already been told we can go outside for exercise more than once a day, but that is the only concession so far. We may be over the worst, but we have not, as yet, conquered the virus.

Even when the rules are relaxed, some people will still be confined to their homes due to personable vulnerability or the vulnerability of members of their households. So, there is a risk of an increasing sense of isolation because it might appear that we are no longer all in it together. With some people recommencing more normal lives and some still isolated at home, our networks of support will be more important than ever. In fact, our networks are making such a difference in people’s lives that I pray we may continue them is some form or other long after all the restrictions are lifted.

Our Gospel reading for this Sunday contains Jesus’ declaration that He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. Jesus is the guiding force in all our lives, sometimes highly noticeable sometimes less so, but always there whether we recognise it or not. Throughout the current crisis there has been a perceptible sense of Jesus guiding individuals and communities to reach out to each other in new and compassionate ways. Over the coming weeks and months, it will be important to find ways of continuing to hear and act on Jesus’ voice within each of us, so that we build on the positive changes in attitude we have all benefited from.


Loving Lord, please help us to listen for your voice as you guide our lives in the way of truth. Give us the strength to trust you through good times and bad. Make us aware of those who are struggling and show us how we can support them. Keep us alert to the reality that we are all in this together. Amen

Sent with love and prayers,

Revd Sandra